While every family wants to provide their children with gifts on Christmas, unfortunately many families in our community are unable to do so. Christmas Warehouse is a partnership between Croswell Wesleyan Church and our community to provide families in need with the ability to pick out brand new gifts that have been donated and give them to their children. We will provide the “warehouse” where families will be able to shop for brand new presents for their children. Families will pay $10 per child which will then be donated back into the community. To make this program a success we are asking that our church members help us fill our “Christmas Warehouse”. Each month we will provide you with an age bracket and ideas for toys or items to purchase. We will then store the items until December when we invite parents to come and shop with us! This is a large endeavor for our church and we will be asking for volunteers and as always your prayers and support. There are several ways to give! One is to go do the shopping at traditional box stores. Second, if you prefer to let someone else do the shopping, we are always accepting cash or gift card donations and we will do the shopping for you. Finally, if this sounds like something you would like to be more involved with, please reach out to Our Christmas Warehouse director, Amanda Cayce.  


Volunteers Needed

to help run the Christmas Warehouse
on December 12, 2020