Prayer is an important part of our spiritual journey.

Make a Prayer Request

Submit a prayer request by calling:
ANITA DEVRIENDT: 810.359.7668
ANN BRICKER: 810.679.3941
MARILYN LINHARD: 810.359.7797
Prayer request cards are also available at the
Prayer Center in the lobby of the worship center.

Prayer Before Surgery

Pastors are available to pray with you and your family
before surgery, or during hospitalization.
Please contact the church office at 810.679.3881
or by emailing our prayer team with the
date, time and hospital where you will be having your surgery.
Due to HIPPA regulations, the hospital will not call
and inform the church of your hospitalization.

Intercessory Pray

Join the prayer team each
Saturday Morning at 8:00AM
in the Prayer Room in the Worship Center Building.


Pray for Others

Please pray for our church family members who are serving
in the military at home and away,
and for the first responders in our community who
give their time and their lives for the good of all.
Out of concern for their safety, we no longer
publish the names of those who serve,
but we know God sees each one and hears our
prayers for their safety and blessing.